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For me, my skin is a dead give away of how I am feeling and I definitely notice when I am not looking after myself.

Full disclosure: I do pick my spots, I don't drink enough water and I certainly haven't been exercising much since having baby girl.

My skin is fairly dry, sensitive and acne prone. Even a dermatologist told me my skin was 'tricky'. I can't use any thick moisturisers, serums or oils on my face due to acne however my skin is so dry already that I can't get away with just a light moisturiser! Why can't I just have that gorgeous mediterranean skin that tans beautifully and has no blemishes!!?!!

That being said, I am now in my 30s and feel like I have finally gotten the correct balance. I have listed below some of the top tips that really helped me ....

MY TOP 10 tips to flawless skin ...

1. Drink water

2. A clean varied diet

3. ALWAYS have a skin care routine

4. Remove your makeup every night (no matter how little you wear)

5. Clean your brushes every month

6. Never pick your skin

7. Treat yourself to some facials

8. Use a good foundation

9. Exercise

10. Change your bedding regularly

If you're anything like me, drinking water seems to be the first thing to fall by the wayside. Try to always drink one glass every morning when you wake up - this kick starts your metabolism too. Also keeping a brightly coloured bottle near by that you can easily refill - the bright colour usually catches my eye and reminds me to fill up!

I personally hate diets, every time I start one I want to eat everything in sight, so in the wise words of Jamie Oliver - Everything in moderation.

We have just started to wean our baby girl and its actually been really helpful in re-assessing our own food.

GET A SKIN CARE ROUTINE!! I cannot stress this enough. No matter what skin type you have, this is so important.

There is way too much to cover here so I will write a separate blog for this one :)

Take 10 mins out of your day to clean your makeup + hair brushes (a bit of baby shampoo will do the trick or if you want some serious stuff, try Isopropyl Alcohol - https://www.amazon.co.uk/SHL-BRAND-ISOPROPANOL-Isopropyl-Alcohol/dp/B003D8QFR8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1546872590&sr=8-7&keywords=isopropyl+alcohol

Try to resist those pimply whites (and blacks) I know its hard but honestly the best thing with spots is to just leave them! Treat yourself to 1 facial a month if you can - when the Beautician asks if you want an extraction SAY YES, this removes your blackheads professionally (although please make sure you go to professionals that are trained dermatologists)

I know skin care and makeup products can be expensive but why go through all these steps and then put on a cheap foundation that not only blends terribly but also sits in your pores and worsens the condition of your skin. Invest in a good foundation!

We've heard it time after time and it's usually on our 'to do' list but exercise really does help. This doesn't mean you have to start going to the gym 5 times a week, it just means keep your body moving and your blood flowing. Walk somewhere, choose the stairs, stretch in the morning or before bed. It all helps.

Wash your bedding regularly. Pillowcases get a build up of oils, dirt and sweat from daily use.

I would love to hear what awesome little tricks you guys have for your skin and what your favourite skin care products are? Please let me know in comments below :)

My top 3 Skin Care brands ...

1. ProActiv - https://www.proactiv.co.uk

2. Kiehls - https://www.kiehls.co.uk

3. Dermalogica - https://www.dermalogica.co.uk

Thanks for reading

Grace x

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